DRRR Ringversuchsvorankündigung Testing and profiling of acrylamide in cocoa and chocolate products

Dear customers,

in collaboration with industry partners, the DRRR offers a proficiency testing (PT) project for the testing of acrylamide in cocoa and chocolate products.

Due to the roasting of the cocoa beans/nibs, cocoa and chocolate products can contain acrylamide. The formation of acrylamide depends on the temperature, duration of heating and water content of the food. Currently, there are no binding limits for acrylamide in food in Europe but there are benchmark values for most food groups. For cocoa and chocolate products there are at the moment no benchmark values available. Nonetheless, it is important for the laboratories to be able to comparably test for the acrylamide content in cocoa and chocolate products.

In this proficiency testing project 8 different samples has to be tested for their acrylamide content including natural and alkalized cocoa powder, cocoa mass, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

  • Project: Acrylamide in cocoa and chocolate products (January 2020)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Ringversuchsvorankündigung.