DRRR Ringversuchsvorankündigung TESTING OF ALUMINIUM IN COCOA

Dear customers,

In collaboration with industry partners, the DRRR offers a proficiency testing (PT) project for the quantification of aluminium in cocoa.

Aluminium is a contaminant found in the food supply chain. Especially in cocoa, higher concentrations are found. The geographical origin and the aluminium content in the soil could contribute to the aluminium level in the cocoa beans.

For the detection of aluminium in foodstuff there are currently two major methods available: ICP-MS and ICP-OES. In this proficiency testing project we want to evaluate whether these two methods produce comparable results when testing cocoa nibs and cocoa shell. Nonetheless, the participants can use their method of choice.

In this proficiency testing project 6 different samples has to be tested for their aluminium content including 3 samples of cocoa nibs and 3 samples of cocoa shells.

Project: Aluminium in cocoa (March-April 2020)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Ringversuchsvorankündigung.