Our prices are net prices (plus 19% VAT) plus packaging and shipping. Customers from European countries who tell us their VAT-ID-No do not have to pay the German VAT. Sales terms: 8 days net, without deduction. Expenses for special customs regulations e.g. import permission we have to charge separately. Our bank data:Raiffeisenbank im Allgäuer Land
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account no 102350IBAN DE 94733692640000102350
VAT-ID-no DE254613132
TAX-no 127/124/32207
Proficiency testing schemes or reference materials labelled with “risk group 1” does not require any special participation restrictions according to § 44 IfSG.
Forproficiency testing schemes or reference materials labelled with “risk group 2, or 3 **” we need a permission according to § 44 IfSG or any similar of your lab.

Please add acopy of the permission to your order form.

Proficiency testing schemes or reference materials labelled with “frozen” will be send in our ADR-security certified freezing packaging system. We charge deposit for this packaging materials.
The shipment of not frozen materials will be sent by standard shipping. The frozen materials will be sent by express shipping.The shipping costs for reference materials will be calculated according to the effective expenses. For the shipping of samples and proficiency testing schemes or reference materials in foreign countries we  charge the costs according to expenses.

If you order reference materials until 3.00 p.m. we could send the samples the same day and by request they could be delivered within the next day in European countries!

With the delivery of reference materials you will get the quality certificate with the details of the reference values and the corresponding uncertainties. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you an offer. All samples and packaging materials are the ownership of the DRRR. Samples which are used for non-desctructive testing and will not destroyed in the proficiency testing can be reclaimed from the DRRR. The DRRR will pay for the shipping costs. We recommend you to buy larger quantities for one order process to avoid unnecessary shipping costs. You also can order materials in regu-lar intervals. You only have to tell us which material(s) we shall send you in which time period.
 Our terms and conditions of business (Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen) are valid!