Microbiological Analytic

The microbiological proficiency testing rounds of DRRR are characterized by the application of vegetative microorganisms and no lyophylisates. This means that we are exclusively working with living bacteria and yeasts in our real matrices assuring an effective link between the applied microorganism and the matrix.

For this reason it is possible for our customers to use their own nutrient media and their internal testing method in a real system of matrix and microorganism. Furthermore we substantially apply “mono germ systems” which means that only 1 germ or bacterium has to be analyzed in the corresponding proficiency testing. Due to that fact we are able to avoid unrequested negative effects caused by other microorganisms during the analysis and the following evaluation of the results. Moreover, the microbiological field of DRRR is characterized by the market-leading statistical evaluation whereby additional information like measurement uncertainty and different spreading concerning a single laboratory can be displayed.


The DRRR laboratory monitoring as a comprehensive quality assurance program also exists in the microbiological field, which is continuously supported by the DRRR monitoring team. This program includes a constant monitoring of the analysis and as result method assurance. We prepare individual sample plans and use highly statistical reference materials, as well as an accompanying proficiency testing scheme.

The analysis of the survey data of the monitoring customers is performed and reported to the customer by the DRRR as an external accredited inspection body within five hours, so that all relevant microbiological and quality-ensuring parameter can promptly be controlled. Furthermore the DRRR laboratory monitoring includes the consulting of norms, measures for the quality improvement, training, internal audits, preventive analytical consulting and the evaluation of analytical results. You will get quickly information for any issues.