We consider lectures, trainings and seminars as an important duty. Not primary concerning commercial possibilities but by reason that the knowledge transfer is the most important item in every department of our society.

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Our seminars / trainings

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Typical questions in the chemical and microbiological analysis of food, especially dairy products are presented and possible solutions will be demonstrated.

Furthermore efficient ways to increase the laboratory quality will be presented. The seminar is accompanied by the practical experience of users.


A lot of space for the exchanging of knowledge and experience is provided at the User-Workshop. Therefore some experts are available as contact persons.

Statistic seminar for beginners

This seminar presents the Binomial-, Poisson- and Normal distribution and the application of them. Problem cases and the classis misinterpretation due to a false outlier treatment by the application of the Normal distribution are shown.


The seminar is complemented by practical exercises with the Notebook.

Statistic seminar for advanced learners

This seminar presents the Shapiro-Wilk-Test, qui²-adaptation test, Median and MAD (Median absolute deviation) and their application. Furthermore the participants will be informed about the robust standard deviation after Q-method and the robust average after Hampel.


The seminar is complemented by practical exercises with the Notebook.

Implementation of internal audits

The participants will learn all items to implement a successful internal audit. Furthermore typical errors of the implementation of the audit will be targeted and avoidance strategies are communicated. The reliable identification of the deviation in audits and their successful processing in the form of measures will be trained.


You will benefit of the extensive experience of the DRRR, because the DRRR go through the audit situation in a perspective of 360 ° as an auditor, as an audited person and as a neutral expert.


  • Seminar and training (one-day) of handling and implementation of proficiency testing
  • Seminar and training (one-day) of operating control charts
  • Seminar and training of sensory (customized product sensory)


For special requirements we also offer customized training programs. For questions about contents and conditions do not hesitate to contact us.

Sensory seminar

The importance of the sensory in the food stuff industry will be explained and clarified in practice. The current state of new tastes is presented. Furthermore the participant will be enabling to apply the sensory testing methods. The use of sensory methods will be explained and on the basis of various sensory materials implemented.


The sensory measurement uncertainty of each participant will be determined at a practical example.

Spreadsheet seminar with office standard application

The aim of this seminar is to become more familiar with the Microsoft Excel program and the necessary features and to work safely and to find quickly solutions of typical problems in the daily routine. Furthermore you will learn to design customized master files for the daily calculation on the basis of practical examples. The course is aimed for all Excel users to renew, to deepen and to intensify their basic knowledge. In addition to a minor part of theory items, the main focus of this seminar is the practical exercise. These are accompanied by several DRRR employees, so that they can respond to each participant.


For the practical exercises you need a laptop or a comparable Microsoft Windows operating system with the program Microsoft Excel. Because the exercises and the theory will be shown with Microsoft Excel 2014 we recommend this version for the participants.