Welcome to the DRRR

The German reference office for
food proficiency testing and reference materials


NEW about 60 new proficiency testing schemes for example germs in drinking water, colour fastness of dyed paper and board, solvents, disinfectant, medical devices, vegetarian sausage, profile testing and so on


NEW feature:

Returning of ten result sheets is included in the proficiency testing price!*

Using ODIN we offer 9 additional result sheets in the field of

– chemical-physical

– microbiological

– physical-mechanical

proficiency testing schemes for free.

*Please note, that the free of charge service is only valid for a result returned via ODIN (conditions and terms look at application form and terms and conditions).


The German reference office for food proficiency testing and reference materials (DRRR) is a service company for external quality assurance of laboratories of the food industry, the packaging / consumer goods /plastic industry and building industry.

We are an inspection body, reference material producer and proficiency testing (PT) provider. For a wide selection of proficiency testing schemes the DRRR is accredited acc. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043 (please look into the appendix of our scope of accreditation). We offer many certified reference materials as well as advise on quality matters and quality assurance training in the laboratory and the production.
Additionally we provide advice to our customers in all question of validation of chemical-physical, microbiological, organoleptic and physical-mechanical analysis or statistical questions.

Our clients and what we do for them

Our German and international costumers are companies of the food and dairy economy and state laboratories as well as food and veterinary inspection services.

accredited quality you can trust!


DRRR quality assurance program GLASS / CANNING / CANS


DRRR quality assurance program CHEESE and ICE-CREAM


DRRR quality assurance program MILK and CREAM


DRRR quality assurance program CLEANING AGENT / DISINFECTANT